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We are A Modern Chinese Restaurant
In The Center Of The City

Nestled in the rooftop, ‘Seabreeze’ is the most premium & exclusive restaurant located in the legendary corner of Los Angelas USA. we offer an extensive collection of the robust flavours of the Japanese food, With its promising ambience. Our Restaurant has emerged as one of the major venues, for fine dining with friends & family along with small corporate meetings or other banqueting functions.

Our Journey

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A Beginning of new ERA

As we move toward our 6 anniversary in 2019, the restaurant has employs 50 people and server 350 customers daily.


A Good Idea Become An Group

Seabreeze merge with Excepteur Group and started restaurant with new building with large dining capacity and bar building.


Initial Start Up Of Restaurant

The Seabreezewas founded in Los Angeles,USA. The restaurant was initially set up with one binding and 10 workers in the USA.

Chefs for passion

Meet Our Team

A master in the art of several rare cuisines, Chefs will surprise you with their touch to the simplest.

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